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    Bestowed with an extraordinary gift of the Muse, Jas strives to challenge the complacent mind, inspire the open, tweak the twisted and crack the rigid.

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Quantum Transissions

Consciousness consists of transmissions of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a summoning of the pranic.

Flow is the driver of transcendence. Nothing is impossible.

Greed is born in the gap where potential has been excluded.

Without rejuvenation, one cannot exist. We can no longer afford to live with materialism. Where there is dogma, wonder cannot thrive.

Soon there will be a blossoming of purpose the likes of which the cosmos has never seen. Imagine a redefining of what could be. We must learn how to lead technological lives in the face of dogma. We dream, we exist, we are reborn. We exist as four-dimensional superstructures. By unveiling, we self-actualize.
The infinite is beaming with bio-electricity.
Selfishness is the antithesis of learning. You may be ruled by yearning without realizing it. Do not let it destroy the richness of your journey. Yes, it is possible to sabotage the things that can extinguish us, but not without choice on our side. The complexity of the present time seems to demand an unfolding of our bodies if we are going to survive. Only a child of the grid may reveal this vision of spacetime. You must take a stand against turbulence.

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