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ccfc labelWhat if you could invest in CCFC today?  late though you may be, there is still billions to be made in this earth changing market. Read on and learn why this is not just a financially rewarding investment opportunity but a social and spiritual one as well.

Once upon a time in America the word was, Made in America and proud of it. Cars, cloths, tools, toys, food and fornication, all in and from America.

Cheap Crap From ChinaProgress, what made this nation great became the demise of the American dream. The conquest of the industrial age laid waste to the earth, sea and sky.

What was once buy and sell American made by and for Americans – the American native people of course were not in this equation to gain – soon became buy and sell America to anyone who would buy it. China stepped up to the plat on that offer.

What was once the exclusive club of greedy fat bald white guys, metaphorically speaking, has become an international game of rape, pillage and plunder the planet and its people. The science and technology of mind control has been refined to a masterful art, aka marketing. And Jones’n for what the Jones’s have is now spoken in almost every language on the planet. Hell we even use TV now to anesthetize our children and pets, and its working. There is a new continent forming in the Pacific out past Hawaii. its plastic.  The reef is forming under it and in the not to distant future it will be the isle of desire for world class travelers and resort mega corps. The future is truly a waste land of opportunity. That being said, what better opportunity is there for future economic survival than to invest in the sources of such waste and destruction.  CCFC as it reads on the market exchange is a multinational, multi corpirate conglomerate designed to lace the financial portfolios of the soulless fat and few at the expense of any hope of a future civilization where in organic biological life exists.

AI Chess gameHave you noticed the up-swell in the media with attention on A.I. and robotics?  Though you might believe otherwise, this is not science fiction. This is Fiction Science, the intentional creation of a collective AI reality.

So why not take advantage of the growing trend towards an artificial reality in which you can transfer your consciousness and live forever, its not that far away. CCFC is an instrumental player in this wave of evolution. Through the depletion and destruction of natural resources what is left is the end-trails of Mans legacy. Out of that septic goo is born a new race to inhabit the earth. This new race will be born not of the primordial ooze but rather engineered from the technological slurry. Everyone will go down with the ship, yet you can still make good money on the way down. CCFC is your best bet, it is the now and future arena of all conjunction. You may not know it but you are most likely already and investor albeit on the consumer end of the flush.  What if you could be connected to the orifice that was spewing out the base element for this new civilization? What if you could prosper, make a lot of money while the rest of the world gets buried in industrial dung?

There is already a New Word Order in play today and the illusions that surround our day are fast fading away.

This is no longer about borders or specific nations its about consciousness or the lack there of and whats next.  Lets be sato realists here and point out that while China and its affiliate nations are out-putting more resources for global landfill than any other nation, Americans are consuming and discarding it more than any other nation. A legacy that will be hard to out do or undo. invest in ccfcNever the less, the best way to protect yourself from the end of days is to invest in CCFC.  While it will not save the world, it will at least fatten your portfolio in the moment and help to create a mutant foundation for the new world.

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Believe me when I tell you, there is more than plenty for everyone, so share, share and share again.  This is a Hot opportunity.  Hot as in global warming. Ask your Broker on how you can fatten your investment portfolio by investing in Cheap Crap From China (CCFC).

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  • claudia


    Are you being like The Onion, a saterical rag? I thought there was a serious stock offer here. You got me so excited. Then I realized I already support these stocks. But at Ieast don’t buy dog or baby food or laminate flooring or stolen software or their cars or etc. etc. etc.


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