Singer Songwriter

Jas was born a suburban, white, middle class American in the mid 20th century. Showing great promise with the rattle he begins formal music training at the age of 2 on the Accordion. Jas gives credit to Lawrence Welk and the Micky Mouse Club for that influence.

Fast forward to age 9. Approaching the "summer of love" Jas picks up the guitar and begin the life of a singer, songwriter, storyteller.

guitar-usa1While the underling current of social change and political unrest hasn't seemed to change much since the 60's Jas' stories and songs have.  His songs uplift and inspire the heart and spirit to awaken and soar to its greatest potential.

"Knowing what I now know about the healing power of music to affect change, I am much more conscious and careful with what messages I put into the media stream"

Still, humor has not abandoned him and while his songs and stories are full of twisted views and mind bending Que's (que sara sara) listeners continue to embrace and praise his works. With an underlying current of spiritual awakening and ascension, Jas' music is a significant reflection and vision for the times in which we live.

While Jas continues to make his music available in recordings he emphasize the importance and power to heal and evolve the human experiment though the live experience. "Recorded music is great, I listen to it myself and enjoy creating it however it is not a substitute the live experience. Only in the live experience can the fullness of the spirit sing and soar with delight. This is true for the both the performer and the audience."


Mystic Bard

Mystic: a person who achieves mystical experience or an apprehension of divine mysteries.
Bard: 1. a person who composes and recites epic or heroic poems, often while playing the harp, lyre, or the like. 2. one of an ancient Celtic order of poets who recite verses about the exploits, often legendary, of their tribes.

Jas Marlin, Mystic Bard

Jas is a pioneer in the alchemy of improvisational world fusion. Studied in the ways of natures symphony and the elements of sound. He is a multi instrumentalist skilled in voice, guitar, percussion, keyboards, ukulele, didgeridoo, melodica, wood flutes, bells, bowls, gongs as well as the ways of analog and digital sound.

Visionary founder and director of the Bhakti Tribe, Jas has received recognition for his original and inspired style of conducting ensembles and orchestras in the ways of the emerging new music of the world – Musique de la lumière.

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