Terms of Perception

Version .05  April 14, 2016

Article 1; 1 1. For social, political, spiritual and a variety of variable, conceptual known and unknown reasons; be it now known and forever understood, until further notice, that hence forth you² acknowledge, understand and agree to the following Terms of Perception.

1.1.a. the entire contents of this website, jasmarlin.com, including any and all works¹, concepts, impressions and intentions presented herein, extending from or connecting to JasMarlin.com, the website and its maker(s) are holy and in part, a work¹ of fiction.

1.1.b. the character Jas Marlin is an amalgam of concepts and ideas both elemental and conceptual, experiential, experimental and exponential, derived from one or more lifetimes of research, exploration and experimentation for the purpose of theatrical personifications, presentations and performances of soul/source energy, consciousness in temporal form.

1.2. Be it now known and stated that you² agree to and accept therein full responsibility for your perception, interpretation, implementation and overall experience of Jasmarlin.com, the website, the character Jas Marlin, as well as any and all connections to and from Jasmarlin.com, the website and the character Jas Marlin, its representatives, agents and actors.
Works¹: any experience derived from an assemblage, either collectively or individual, of words, images, sounds, concepts, colors, lights, energy, motion, either form or formless, real or imagined.
You²: the one who is currently; a: reading this document, b: listening too an audio reading of this document, or c: perceiving and or knowing through sense, be it stated, unstated, ever-present or not, known and/or unknown.