I've enjoyed listening to your tape. I was expecting it to be more "spaced out" spacy, but found it to be very clean nad it was grounding at the same time as being spacy.

From the fist few moments I listened, it literally bodily hit me that you and put a lot of spiritual feeling and energy into the tunes while you worked on the arrangements.

The only thing I question is whether you did that all consciously or was your unconscious techno-vibrant self emanating through like a leak into your conscious manifestation?

Something tells me it's some of both...

Author Picture

Your card is right on. Thanks for sharing your 12 principles. keep giving out.

In Friendship

Mark Victor Hansen   

Dear Jas,

Thank you for sharing yourself in so many ways. All your beautiful music and didgeridoo, your humor and playfulness, your leadership during that fun, creative morning of the Banyan Tree Sanctuary retreat, acting as our free diving instructor and perhaps most specially, in opening up and showing me your loving, gentle, giving self during that incredible massage with Amara.


your water music keeps me constant company in my studio, and reminds me of you and all my California Pals. Thanks so much for the tape. ...

Robert Avery   
Author Picture

Working with Jas Marlin was very inspiring and full of magic. I recorded the CD "dolphin spirit songs" with him and Jas did coach me with my singing voice while recording.

He has a real talent to bring out the best of you and this in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Just great. He loves giving his best and he has a great ability to feel energies, to express creativity on many levels and to inspire for further actions.

I also enjoyed his skills with many different music instruments and his voice on the CD is amazing too. It's a real pleasure to work with him.

Marlis B├╝hler   

Thank you for your very beautiful spirit energy. mine felt yours so easily.

I realize that I have a need to do these things more often (massage) because it gets me back in touch with my reality, which is my spirit being, and that makes me let go of the world view reality.

Thank you for leading me there, a place I like to be. Thanks for being a part of it. Your love energy is very beautiful.


Dear Jas and Friends,
This is a belated but very heart felt Thank You for your incredibly beautiful performance at the Fun Raiser. I was enthralled and just wanted to sit and listen but circumstances didn't allow me to. I know you're going places!
Thanks again to all of you!
Warm Regards,


I felt empowered. I realized a much clearer picture of the work in front of me and how it was to be accomplished.

The vague and scary holes (blank spaces) in my business structure are filling up with workable simple solutions. I really enjoy the sincerity, intelligence and supportiveness.

Victoria Edwards   
Author Picture

Jas brings humor, wit, music and creativity into every project he takes on. He makes you feel like you can do anything because you will know he has your back. He brings in as much heart as you have for your project.

Actually, Jas brings in even more heart as the client comes up against their resistance and looses courage to continue the mission. Jas holds the steady commitment, wit and humor that keeps the boat moving even when there is no wind. He brings a gentle loving heart with a strong and determined will to inspire the best in any collaboration.

Jas is the combination of a super, hard working Virgo/geek with the creativity of a mystical/Pisces/entertainer and the soul of a loving/Cancer/midwife to bring your passions into reality. Jas is an amazing experience, to say the least!

Claudia Suen   
Author Picture

... Jas has worked with the MTC on many occasions, most notably on "Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet" and "Uncle Vanya." Both of these plays had very challenging sound design demands which Jas met with vigor and creativity, not to mention getting the job done right on time. His imaginative approach to his work gave both of these productions an added dimension which improved and enhanced them all well...
... Jas worked for me personally as an engineer on the "Nutclucker" project. Jas spent many patient hours walking me through the process of producing an audio tape ...
... The entire experience was exhausting, exhilarating and extremely satisfying. Jas's knowledge of the equipment and his overview of the entire recording process was instrumental in the success of the tape. ...

Harry Rothman   

... I had the opportunity to work with Jas last year during the First Annual Redwood Radio Theater Workshop and found his knowledge and ability to be outstanding. Jas not only helped with the final broadcast as the live mix engineer, he also helped to mentor one student, ...., in her writing and performance abilities throughout the year so that she was able to perform an original work that was later nationally syndicated as a part of the final production from the workshop week. ...

Sue Zizza   

I don't know how to thank you enough for all you've given to make this show a success. You hold a special place in the history of the Warehouse Rep now - being the very first show. Thank you so much for overcoming all obstacles and odds, for maintaining your sense of professionalism (and humor!), and for hanging in there.

Meg Patterson   

The Children Thank You Too!

Dear Jas,
Thank you for joining the comedy gang and raising $1,880.00 for the Recreation Community Center. It was a terrific show and we are truly grateful !


Dear Jas,
Brilliant - as usual!
What more can I say? You are such a joy to work with - as always.
Lets dream up a fabulous project for next year ok?
love always,


The effectiveness of Jas's work inspires an up-tone creative interaction very complementary to the human potential movement.

I find the music offers a very stimulating ambiance that is non-obtrusive to the activities and events.

Paulette Beck   

... Our radio project would not have been so successful without Jas. He has a rare combination of skills... On the one hand, he has a solid understanding of audio production ( and of all the wiring quirks in the Mendocino production room,) and, on the other hand he has a gift for engaging young people in a creative work/learning process.

Our recording sessions were the culmination of month of work with the kids. These like any live recording sessions, are very demanding for the performers. They require staying focused and ready for peak performance through many takes and re-takes... lot of split second, seat of the pants decisions.. and a lot of waiting. Jas was always able to keep the kids' spirits up and keep them focused on the work at hand. This was while he was running the board and keeping all the signal paths straight. I was impressed. ...

Jamie Roberts   

This Music is great. It's music but it's more. it puts me in present time and able to think in the future rather than thinking about the past. Maybe because it doesn't remind me of anything.

After listening to each side over and over again I'm not tired of this. I don't know what's coming next to .... me or remind me of something. I don't even notice the music at times. That's different.

Bill Montague   

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