WordPress and the Social Universe Explored (part 1)

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I remember when the social universe was first colliding with our universe.

birth of a universe When universes collied, birth of a universe. MySpace, thats where it started for me. what ever happened to MySpace, does anyone remember it? how quickly we move on in the tech world. Today I am blogging and Vloging, I’m setting up my WordPress.org website to be socially savvy. When I publish a blog post I want it to automatically distribute to all my social galaxies. To do this I installed jetpack, a plug-in from the creators of wordpress. It mostly does a fantastic job of distribution, except when it comes to Facebook.  There is this thing called Open Graphs that FB uses.  For some reason this is not happening with this plugin.  its suppose to, however it ain’t working and from what I can find in the forums, it hasn’t been working for a while.

Treasure hunting the wordpress.org plugins library to find the one in a million

I may have found it. and to test my discovery I am writing this post to try it out. If you are on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Google +, you are in my network and you are reading this then, Wahooo! its working. Ok, here we go, the test. this is only a test. If this had been a full legitimate blog post you might be reading valuable content. this is only a test.

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