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Seems that every few years I’m recreating my website. Sometimes it is due to the evolution of web technology and the need to stay up to speed as in the advent of mobile devices.  More often however it is due to the evolution of my understanding of myself.

Perhaps you have heard this statement before, “once you have it figured out, you figure out that you don’t know and get to figure it out.”  That seems to be the way of things, at least in my life. I’m always learning always growing and while as far as I can tell I’m still the same ole me, I’m constantly changing.

As I understand the industrial world design “We The People” are categorized into cast systems. Now in the “Free” world it’s not labeled as such however we are expected to do one thing and do that one thing your entire life.  Yes, we can do many things, and some of us do however there is only the one thing that you do that plugs into the the industrial machine for your life servitude to the Masters.

But wait just a minute you say? We did a way with slavery and we are all equal and get paid. And then you give most or much of that pay back. More importantly though is that your consciousness, where you have your attention for the better part of the 24hr day is in servitude to another person or really corporate families idea of what and who you are/should be. Taking the time to be with the self, to know the self is not necessarily in the best interest of the empire.  That is unless you brainwash yourself into believing at your deepest level of being that your life purpose to to be a brick in the wall of the corporation to which you serve. Fodder for the slaughter.

The path to the self is in the ways of nature. the natural world. And while it is become apparent that an elite faction of non terrestrial humans have taken rule over this world, dominion over humanity, We The People have to potential within to awaken from this hypnosis and save that which may be termed Life.

The more we can take time to be with the elements of nature, connect with all life and get to understand it not by killing it for the photo op, wall hangings or obscene false profits but by finding the oneness that resides in all living things the greater the opportunity to know thy self and the self in others.

There is not a lot of time left however to accomplish this task of awakening. The world has long since entered the path entropy. The distractions that abound increase daily. The seductions of desire, the want and delusion of need for the latest greatest cool toys and tools are powerful, the marketing preys upon unconscious primal instincts that while having no place in the modern world still compel us to action.

It is late in the day, late in the game, the moment of truth is upon us. soon the final choice point will present itself and the question that no one is talking about will consume us all.  And while the question will come as a big surprise, deep within each and every one the truth is already known.

So Lets just cut to the chase and get to know the truth. Lets start with our personal truth, subjective though it may be and from there uncover the greater truths brought forth through listening to self and others.  Well listening, yes, hearing more. Because I can listen to you you all day …. bla bla bla bla …. but when do I hear you?  When that which is in you that is in me, I see to be the me in you.

That’s just a beginning though, in order for any of it to be of value and meaning we need to be able and to let go. Let go of the programming that has for centuries controlled and directed our thoughts worlds and actions against our will.  let go of the idea and ideals that dangle on the stick like a carrot of providence. Humble our ass and own up to the conditions of denial and deception.



Then together free of pompous arrogance, ignorance & separatism can we salvage whats left, save what truly matters and thrive in the rich diversity of this glorious planet.

Remember, All OF THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE AND ALL OF THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. How many civilizations will we build and destroy before we wake up to the bigger picture? the greater potential that awaits us if we can just pull our collective head out of our collective ass.

Remember this one?  “AS ABOVE SO BELOW”.  on this plain of existence that would be our governments and the people. A clear assessment of the world with our eyes open reveals the obvious and apparent.  When the body becomes toxic, the colon congested, then the shit backs up eventually poisoning the entire organism and killing it. to save the organism one must cleans and purify the mind and body.


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