About me

I was born and raised a suburban, white, middle class American in the mid/late 2oth Century. we were not a religious people though by today's models of identification I would say we were spiritual in our core ways of being.

In every version of my life experience music and the arts has been my foundation and salvation. I began formal music lessons at the age of 2 with the accordion and stayed with that till around 7. then took a break and returned at age 9 taking up guitar and singing.

I actually started writing my first songs in High school and have continued that path ever since. songwriting is a personal therapy as well as healing, educational and entertaining gift to the world.

My family was very outdoors oriented. we went camping almost every weekend and if we wern't camping we were out water skiing or scuba diving, Abalone diving, or racing motorcycles.

When my dad would take his vacation time we would travel across country in our camper rig touring the national parks, wilderness and historical sites of nation.

Fast forward to the Now:


At a glance:

  • Project Management
  • Production Consulting and Coaching
  • Audio Recording: Producer, Engineer for studio and live events
  • Video/Audio Editing
  • Songwriting, Soundtracks, music, Voice Over
  • Live performance
  • A/V Media for the web


  • 30+ years multimedia creation. Mediums include Audio, video, sculpture, metal, wood, paint, electronic, Ceramic, Fiber Optics ...
  • Professional Educator: Audio recording production, video/TV production, computers - California school system.
  • Cross platform literate: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Software Literate: yes to relative tools
  • First began recording in studio at age 6.
  • 20 yrs Internet web business developer/consultant


  • Vice President - New Thought Center of Hawaii
  • Silver Reel Award NPR
  • Executive Producer - ExoNews
  • A/V Supervisor - Awakening Within (Braco US Tours)
  • President -Toastmasters
  • Vice President, Education - Toastmasters
  • TV show host - GemLite 80's

SE Certifications

  • Massage Therapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Raw food Chef (associate)
  • Naui Scuba


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