I canceled my AT&T Mobile

My first cell phone was back in the day of the flip phone. You know, the Star Trek knock off. I was on the Verizon network for years. I had it because well, It was required to be cool and participate in new world, right?

I used that flip phone well into the 3rd gen “smart” phone. I eventually felt the need to get some smarts about me so as to get up to speed with our techno-evolutionary capitalist experiment. the human experiment as it is referred to by those not of this world.

As smart phones were the cool new have to have tech toy of the fashion era, the phones and the carriers were at a premium. For a basic plan with Verizon it would have cost me well over $100 a month.

I’m not a phone junky and just couldn’t justify pissing off that much money on a phone plan just to have a phone.  I hardly ever used my land line.  But being that I was in the Web business and it was clear that the web was going mobile I had to pony up and get involved.

I did some research on monthly no contract programs from various vendors.  And for the most part I found that they all use the AT&T network.  I ended up going with Straight Talk from Walmart. I came across a really awesome deal on an unlocked brand new feature rich phone from a company called BLU.  $100 such a deal.

The only downside is that where I live AT&T doesn’t deliver very well if at all on the West side of the Big Island of Hawaii.  They of course sell the service, it just doesn’t work here.

After to many years of having a phone, paying for a phone and not using the phone for lack of connection I was gifted an older iPhone 6S on the Verizon network.

Wahoo! I switch my straight talk from att to verizon and what a difference that made.  Now I get all kinds of robo calls and txt spam. I’m part of the “civilized” world again. Alas since I spent so many years not using the phone thanks to AT&T stellar service I was no longer conditioned to use a phone, make calls or what ever. Whats more depressing, no one calls because well, I never called.

The blessing is that I’m aware of how much neurons I wasted over the years with phones. Now I invest my neurons interacting with my dog and nature. A much more enjoyable and peaceful existence.

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