Maple Syrup Myth Bust’n

Well Like so many of my generation who got caught up in the New Age industrial revolution I believed in what the “expert” said. With regards to Maple Syrup my introduction to its “benifits” came about when I read and adopted the practice of Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse. Stanley advocated the use of Grade B maple Syrup.

This morning at breakfast, my first of 2018 we started out our new year with pancakes. Karen has the Grade A “Organic” Canadian Maple Syrup from Costco.  So I say something about the different grades of syrup. She says its all bullshit. I’m thinking no, I got this fact from Sanley Burroughs whom of course did his homework, after all he’s an expert in health and nutrition, right?

I get to thinking about how some of the ultra righteous health food guru’s absolute truths of the past 3o years are turning out to lack “real” scientific proof. I wondered if then I was also miss guided about Maple Syrup?  So I turned to the Big G, Google to learn more.

Deep Mountain Maple out of Vermont published an article on their website titled “Maple Facts and Fictions. Surprise! yet another another operational truth falls into the dung pile.

You can read the article here: Deep Mountain Maple

the short version is as follows …

All maple is processes the same and the grade and darkness from light to dark is contingent on the time of year, where at in the harvest season the maple is gathered and cooked down.

Grade A comes in several shades and thus flavors as does B.  The only difference is ones personal taste desires.

Well, I’m now once step closer to being normal. I personally like the darker Maple.

Hope you find this as normalizing as I did, and we can still enjoy our Master Cleanse but now we can cash in on the Costco deal and still get cleaned out without cleaning out our bank account.

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