The 108 most persuasive verbs

Leo Burnett

by Legendary Advertising Giant, Leo Burnett

Cleaning up my office I found a well weathered print out. I’m not sure where or whom I received this list from. I decided to post this list of the 108 most persuasive verbs in my blog so that I can find it again and many of you can use it and also begin to see how these verbs are being used to influence and control our thoughts, our choices and shape our society. This is a must have reference of power words to use in promoting, marketing and selling.

Abolish, Accelerate, Achieve, Act, Adopt, Align, Anticipate, Apply, Assess, Avoid

Boost, Break, Bridge, Build, Burn

Capture, Change, Choose, Clarify, Comprehend, confront, Connect, Conquer, Convert, Create, Cross

Decide, Define, Defuse, Deliver, Deploy, Design, Develop, Diagnose, Discover, Drive

Eliminate, Ensure, Establish Evaluate, Exploit, Explore

Filter, Finalize, Find, Focus, Foresee

Gain, Gather, Generate, Grasp

Identify, Ignite, Illuminate, Implement, Improve, Increase, Innovate, Inspire, Intensify

Lead, learn, Leverage

Manage, Master, Maximize, Measure, Mobilize, Motivate


Penetrate, Persuade, Plan, Position, prepare, Prevent Profit

Raise, Realize, Reconsider, Reduce, Refresh, Replace, Resist, Respond, Retain

Save, Scan, Segment, Shatter, Save-off, Sidestep, Simplify, Solve, Stimulate, Stop, Stretch, Succeed, Supplement

Take, Train, Transfer, Transform

Understand, Unleash, Use

Whittle-down, Win

persuasive verbs

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