U.S. Political Paralysis

I wonder what the US political asylum would be like if the elected officials weren’t driven by money, greed and special interest groups. What would the world be like if their motivation was Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love ?

I decided to waste some time and watch the Senate hearing with regards to Kavanaugh’s supreme court process.


But first, a happy thought:


Well … bla, bla, bla.

Overall I feel that our Political asylum is the entrails of a once-upon-a-time great nation that inspired the world.

Today our new motto appears to be:  
Make America Grate Again

Not Kavanough or even Ford, but the entire theater of reanimated dead people in the senate hearing is a huge disappointment. I can’t imagine “God” or any other extraterrestrial species wanting to develop relations with this lot. that is unless they are a “master race” who gets off watching monkeys in a cage fling shit at each other.

Many of the members of the Senate Asylum, really needs to be culled but because of their allegiance to special interest and party hard lines have been kept in the game with drugs and other stimulants that mask the effects of Alzheimer, dementia or just a conscience.  (remember Regan?)

I observed that nobody talked about the important issues such as the constitution, goals and directions of the county, the environment and the world, just sex.

The one thing that is really apparent to me is just how sexually fucked up and repressed this nation is. we probably have religion to thank for a lot of it. Think me wrong on that? just look at how long the Catholic/Roman empire has been screwing with the male psyche. They have centuries of male priests, bishops and cardinals sticking their prick in the future of humanity, the children.

I don’t want to just rant on the male part of this equation, that’s just the part that’s been getting all the press and exposure of late. (there are at least 2 puns in that sentence) I dare to say that the female part of the story has had its part in the the screwing of humanity.  I have heard tales of the Nuns and their abuses as well. I suspect their time of reckoning will come.

Lest you think I single out the Catholics, we can also look at all the world religions and see heinous acts of psychological and physical abuses/torture that defy the teachings of their founding ideals.

All in all the human race in hole and in part appears way off course an in need of a cleansing.  A purification.  Perhaps that is what dementia and Alzheimer is about, a letting go, forgetting of the past and being in the moment, the now. Of course these two condition have their extreme downsides.  We can witness its effect by watching the Senate and other Government leaders in action.

Deep State Puppet MastersThere needs to be a culling of the senate. of both parties and perhaps all world governments. But who or what would replace them.  I for one need to start hearing from leaders and potential that are for and by the people. who are working for the greater good of the human race the nations and the world. Not! the self interests of deep state puppets and their masters.

Captain Hook
“Kill’m. Kill’m all” Capt. Hook, Hook 1991








Watching our United States and dare I speculate world politics
is like watching the lost boys flinging mud and name calling.
A bunch of adolescents who never grew up, but grew old.


US Senate Lost Boys
US Senate Lost Boys

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