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Yang 2020

Andrew Yang President 2020 YES!

President 2020 - what we need to know and do Now!

The actions "We The People" Need to do Now! to salvage and build a Health United States for the Now and future generations of this planet.

  • Genre'

    US President

  • Label

    Democrat President 2020

  • Themes
    • MATH -Make America Think Harder
    • Humanity First - Human based economy
    • Freedom Dividend - UBI
    • #yanggang




I began my songwriting journey as a freshman in high school. It has continued to be my anchor and release, a source of peace within.

Sometimes I write songs just to work out the frustrations and dissapoinments that live brings. Other times to acknowledge the joy and happiness. Still other times I wright songs just to be a smart ass and shock people.

Songs come in the moment I try not to judge or second guess what they are for or about. Sometimes their not for me, their for people I've never met.

  • Genre'

    Folk / Filk

  • Label

    Independent (unsigned)

  • Themes
    Social, Political, Spiritual, Evolutionary, Humor

Talk Story

Songs and stories, music and dance.
It be the LIVE Experience. Accept no substitute.

Bestowed with an extraordinary gift of the Muse, Jas strives to challenge the complacent mind, inspire the open, tweak the twisted and crack the rigid.

  • Category

    Uplifting, inspiring, waggishly entertaining

  • Venues

    house of worship, concerts, festivals, house concert, campfires

Political PSA Music video

Like many Americans who still enjoy the illusion of the dream, I continue to blind myself with denial. I fancy the fairy tale that the revolution is over and "we the people" won.

it's a Wake up call my brothers and sisters, the darkness remains. its a call to the sane to reclaim the earthly domain for good of all beings.

"We the People" is a call to action. Its a Wake up call to the people of the world.

  • Genre'


  • Format

    HD video for TV and Internet

Computer Assisted Electronic Music

I just have to say I really miss the analog era of electronic music. It was a physical relationship with the sound. I have found my way in the digital age though. I'd have to say the most exciting discovery I've made in this medium is that of fractal music. it takes a lot of time to humanize it however its a powerful tool for expoloring consciousness.

  • Category

    Electronic World Fusion

  • Label

    Independent (unsigned)


A vision to help evolve the consciousness of the people of Hawaii with regards to how we treat and care for our K9 community.

It's really nothing short of evolving the consciousness of humanity treat our selves and each other with respect and appreciation.

  • Genre'

    Talk show

  • Format

    Radio, Podcast, Youtube, TV

the Ascended 12 Steps

Ascended 12 Steps

Ascension, what does it mean? The ancient tablets, cave drawings, legends and lore reveal the underlying mythical properties of this ideal. What I have found is nothing short of ……. normal, as in common sense. which in some modern societies seems to have been lost. Common sense that is.

  • Inspirational, Spiritual

    Little Book, bold action

KP Seal

There is a balance. The laws of nature, or heaven and earth (aka the multiverse) comes with a self leveling algorithm, a system of equilibrium.

Though it may not appear so to us mirror mortals in the great scheme of things, the all that is is whole. or so we like to believe.

the KP seal is to remind us of conscious and contentious respect for all things, all life and the all that is. It is the governing law of cause and effect.

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