Creative Services for Agents of Change

Are you are ready to tell your story to the world? Perhaps you are thinking of an Audio book, a series of audio course, a podcast, radio show, commercials or prerecorded media.

Maybe your work is better suited to be delivered via video or perhaps both audio and video.

Thinking you"re ready for a website or a site overhaul/upgrade to establish your online landing page(s) and virtual base.

No matter your project, mission or campaign, With over 20 years of  knowledge, skill & ability across multiple modalities of media creation, coupled with a diverse life experience & study allows for me to collaborate with you and your teams unique vision.

Category of Service

Coaching - Consultation - Collaboration - Creation & ...

Live Experience

  • House concerts
  • Festivals & Events
  • Speaker/Presenter

Audio & music

  • Composition/Performance
  • Record/Edit/Mix
  • Film, Theatre, Internet


  • Creative Consultations
  • A/V Pre/Post Production
  • Still Image Editing


  • Consulting
  • Creation
  • Marketing

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