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You are on a mission to make a real difference in the world. Your message and the medium by which you are to convey it is your obsession.  Far from delusional, you know you can't do it all by yourself.  You need to surround yourself with a support team that "gets you", gets your vision.

Well I might just be someone you need on your team. I'm

New Urban Style

Monochromatic is now

Square Backpacks

Pretty Useful

Top Material

Suede is coming back

Destroyed Denim

Create your own used style

Nature Look

Natural and noble

Big Accessories

Details that catch the eye

Trend Shoes

Step into the fall guide

Trend Color 2017

Yellow combinations

Style dictionary


  • Cameron Fashion
  • Harley & More
  • Captain Steel
  • Johnson Design


  • Highfield
  • Camelion
  • Design Factory
  • Tiger Market
  • Polaris
  • La campage
  • Ricado


  • Jackson More
  • Kyle & Dave
  • Johnson Fashion
  • Morgan
  • Be loved
  • Lucky Lu
  • Don Mylius
  • Conners
  • Slaye
  • Land Look
  • Cloe
  • Lady Design
  • Miss Jones
  • Be loved


  • Hermelines
  • Kellys
  • Roxanna
  • Norton
  • Fjord
  • Friday.
  • Mint


  • W & Raw
  • Minime
  • Maison
  • Liquids

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